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For the best bounce house rentals Wentzville, MO has to offer, look no further than Backyard Party Rentals.  We are Wentzville’s most trusted and loved bounce house and inflatable rental service, with hundreds of satisfied customers in the area.

At Backyard Party Rentals, we’ve had the pleasure of serving homes and business owners in Wentzville, Missouri, and in nearby St. Charles for a very long time. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for being dependable, easy to work with, and always on time.

We have an extraordinarily large selection of bounce houses of all types and sizes, making them perfect for backyard birthday parties, festivals, fundraisers, and other events. Furthermore, we ensure that the inflatables are delivered on time and set up by a team of experts, all of which are included in the price!  Whether you're having a family reunion at one of Wentzville's awesome parks, a school field day or even a birthday party in your own neighborhood, we guarantee we have just what you're looking for.

You can browse through our inventory of available bounce houses online, as well as book the ones you need. Need help? Our team is just one call away.

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Why Choose Our Party Rentals Wentzville, MO

When planning a special event in Wentzville, MO, choosing the right party rental company is crucial. Backyard Party Rentals is the premier choice for all your bounce house and water slide rental needs, providing an unmatched combination of quality, service, and excitement that perfectly aligns with the vibrant spirit of Wentzville.

Community-Centric Approach: Backyard Party Rentals deeply understands the Wentzville community. By incorporating local schools, neighborhoods, and churches into our service areas, we ensure that our offerings resonate with the local vibe and cater specifically to Wentzville families.

Wide Selection for All Ages: Whether it's for birthday parties, family celebrations, or community festivals, our extensive range of inflatables, from classic bounce houses to exhilarating water slides and obstacle courses, offers something for everyone. Our selection caters to all ages, ensuring that kids, teenagers, and even adults can join in the fun.

Safety and Quality as a Priority: Safety is our top priority. Our team meticulously maintains and sets up all equipment, ensuring that each inflatable meets the highest safety standards. We understand the importance of providing a secure environment where children can play and parents can relax.

Customization and Flexibility: Recognizing the uniqueness of each event, we offer a variety of themes and extras to tailor our services to your specific needs. Whether it's a church event in a local neighborhood or a school festival, we have the right options to add that extra zing to your celebrations.

Stress-Free Booking and Setup: Our hassle-free booking and rental process, coupled with punctual delivery and professional setup, mean you can focus on enjoying the event rather than worrying about logistics. Our dedicated staff will handle everything from navigation to supervision, ensuring a seamless experience.

Affordable Pricing and Excellent Customer Service: We believe in offering competitive pricing without compromising on quality or service. Our customer-centric approach is reflected in our glowing reviews, highlighting our commitment to making your event a memorable one.

Local Focus with Global Standards: While we are deeply embedded in the Wentzville community, serving areas like MO's St. Louis suburb, we adhere to global standards in terms of quality and customer service. This unique blend makes us the ideal choice for your next event.

Making Every Occasion Special: At Backyard Party Rentals, we're not just about rentals; we're about creating lasting memories. From the first phone call to the final takedown, we ensure that your experience with us adds to the joy and excitement of your special occasion.

In conclusion, for your next event in Wentzville, MO, whether it's a birthday party, school event, church festival, or family gathering, choose Backyard Party Rentals. Our commitment to safety, quality, customer service, and community engagement makes us the go-to company for all your bounce house and water slide rental needs. Let us help make your event not just a party, but an unforgettable experience.

inflatable rentals Wentzville, MO
Obstacle Courses and Inflatable Rentals Wentzville, MO

One of the best things about being at a party is having fun. While inflatables like bounce houses will keep most kids busy for some time, it is always a good idea to pair it with an obstacle course. We’ve got obstacle courses designed for kids and adults alike. Also, the obstacle courses are available at varying difficulty levels, so you can choose ones based on who will be at your party and their fitness level.

We also continue adding newer models in addition to other inflatables like water slides to our inventory. So, you always have something that will continue to challenge you and your friends. That said, obstacle courses are something that will keep everyone busy, which is why we recommend having at least one at your party.

Not sure which size or type of obstacle course(s) will work best for your party? Allow us to help you choose.  Also, you can view all of our categories here, and our privacy policy here.

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water slide rentals Wentzville MO
We have a large selection of water slide rentals Wentzville, MO

We can tell you from years of experience in the party industry that summer parties are incomplete without a water slide. Whether it is a kids’ party, get-together amongst friends, or the family getting together for a long weekend, you can’t beat having a water slide.

Fortunately, we’ve got some of the largest water slides and ones that are meant for kids too. So, whether you enjoy rolling down monster slides or want the kids to have some fun in the pool, we’ve got a large selection of various types and sizes to choose from, with new ones being added each year.

However, since our water slide rentals happen to be the most popular rentals during the summer, you might want to book yours ahead of time. Wentzville, MO, can get pretty hot, and that’s when our water slides tend to be in most demand.

Need help choosing a water slide for your party? Need a quote for extended rental or bulk rental? Give us a call today.

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We Are Wentzville's Party Experts

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inflatable rentals Wentzville MO

When you're searching for top-tier bounce house rentals in Wentzville, MO, and its neighboring regions, Backyard Party Rentals stands out as the premier choice. As a family-owned and operated business specializing in inflatable bounce houses, we offer a seamless and effortless rental experience that adds hours of fun and entertainment to your events. Our service area extends beyond Wentzville, reaching into Wright City, MO, and encompassing Warren, Lincoln, St. Charles, and other nearby counties, including places like Troy and Warrenton.

At Backyard Party Rentals, customer safety and satisfaction are paramount. We are a fully insured company committed to the health and safety of our customers. Each inflatable unit undergoes a rigorous cleaning and sanitization process before every rental, ensuring the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Our diverse array of inflatables is ideal for various events, whether they be school functions, church gatherings, birthday parties, or other festive occasions. We take pride in making our rental process hassle-free. Once you book with us, we handle everything from delivery and setup to supervision, ensuring a worry-free experience for you.

For those planning weekend celebrations or any event in Missouri, our services are not only top-quality but also affordable. We cater to all ages, making sure there’s an appropriate and enjoyable option for every child and adult who wants to jump, slide, play, and have a blast in our inflatables.

If you're considering an inflatable for your next event and have any questions, feel free to reserve online or contact Amanda Koester at (636) 698-2542 via text or call for assistance. Also, check out Backyard Party Rentals on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Yelp to see more about what we offer and how we can make your next event a memorable one.

For the best bounce house rentals Wentzville, MO and the surrounding areas have to offer, look no further than Backyard Party Rentals.  Backyard Party Rentals LLC is a family owned and operated Inflatable Bounce House Company. Renting a bounce house is the perfect way to bring hours of entertainment to your party. We make renting an inflatable hassle free and easier than ever. All you have to do is make your reservation, we will handle the rest. We are located in Wright City, MO and serve Warren, Lincoln, St. Charles, and other surrounding counties as well as areas like Wentzville, Troy, Warrenton and more. We are fully insured and our customers health and safety is our top priority. Each unit is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before every rental. We have a variety of inflatables that are perfect for school, church, personal events or any other festivities you may have. If an inflatable is something you would like at your next event, feel free to make a reservation online or reach out to Amanda Koester at (636) 698-2542 via text or call for any help you may need. Feel free to check us out on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Yelp!

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