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Maui Jump-N-Splash

Maui Jump-N-Splash

    • Setup Area: 20' x 17' x 18'
    • Outlets: 1 110V Outlet within 100ft
    • Age Group: 3 years and up
    • Attendants: Min. 1 Adult

    • Available Booking Options

      4 Hours


      4-8 Hours




      2 Day Rental


    • $350.00
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Introducing the Maui Jump-N-Splash – an exhilarating fusion of vibrant colors, enchanting design, and refreshing water play, turning your backyard into a tropical haven for bouncing and sliding excitement. This inflatable wonder combines the thrill of bouncing with the imaginative charm of a red, blue, and gray castle theme, promising endless fun for your little ones and their friends.

Key Features:

  • Tropical Castle Design: Immerse yourself in a world of tropical enchantment with a visually stunning castle facade featuring shades of red, blue, and gray. Towers and turrets adorn every corner, inviting young adventurers to explore and play within their bouncing kingdom.

  • Safety First: The Maui Jump-N-Splash prioritizes safety with a padded entrance and exit, ensuring soft landings for every royal arrival and departure. Netted sides provide visibility for parents and secure containment for the little ones inside.

  • Built-in Basketball Hoop: Inside the castle awaits an extra layer of excitement with a built-in basketball hoop. Transform bouncing time into a slam-dunk spectacular as your little ones showcase their hoop skills within the confines of this vibrant fortress.

  • Water Slide and Pool Attachment: Elevate the fun with a thrilling water slide, non-slip floor for safe jumping, and a refreshing pool at the end. Watch as your little ones conquer the slide and make a splash into the attached pool, creating unforgettable moments of laughter and cool summer fun.

Turn every playdate into a tropical retreat with the Maui Jump-N-Splash – where safety, imaginative design, and the joy of bouncing meet the refreshing thrill of water play. Transform your backyard into an island paradise where laughter reigns supreme and memories are made!

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